STANCEST is the largest international stance meet and show in Estonia. Since our first event in 2015, STANCEST’s aim has been to grow bigger and better each year. With more than 100 carefully chosen cars,  year 2018 seems to fulfil that target once again.


STANCEST 2018 is held on June 2nd at Port Noblessner in Tallinn. The old Shipyard is an unique venue that has an unprecedented vibe with indoor and outdoor areas.

Located only 7 minutes drive or 20 minutes walk away from the city center.  


As always, DJs, live performances, delicious street food, entertainment and top cars are part of our event to make sure your whole day is packed with emotions. We are hoping to cross the 100 cars mark while still maintaining high level of quality.


Stancest is opened for everyone to apply. Registration will open on April 23rd and will run until May 21st. We will give feedback as soon as possible to applicants from abroad to make planning the trip to Stancest easier.


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